MSHR - Mesh Manifold

Sat, Decembre 9, 19:00 P1

Mesh Manifold is a live composition of sculptural electronic entities in a complex and unruly feedback system of sound and light. As elements of the system themselves, MSHR move throughout the simulated and substantial substrates, modulating the behavioral micro-climates in response to the unpredictable audiovisual results of their active presence. The entities and agents together form a babbling biome for electrical current, cultivating a life-like chorus from inert components.


MSHR is an art collective that builds and explores sculptural electronic systems. Their practice is a self-transforming entity with its outputs patched into its inputs, expressing its form through interactive installations, virtual environments and live improvisations. MSHR was established in 2011 in Portland, Oregon by Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper. Their name is a modular acronym, designed to hold varied ideas over time.


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