Performensk is an International Festival of Performative arts that yearly creates a platform for presenting interdisciplinary works that cross boundaries between contemporary theatre, performance art, sound art and music. The festival seeks to create a safe place to gather and foster intercultural dialogue through exploring different forms of co-presence within the context of live art events. Yearly focusing on a different theme, Performensk’s range of presentational formats included performative concerts, workshops, interactive and long durational performances and one-to-one theatre experiences. 


The festival, originally formed and based in Belarus in 2018, acts in exile since 2022. Back then, in its hometown, Minsk (or Mensk as sounds historical name of the city), Performensk had a promising history of three editions but the course of the event has drastically changed with the beginning of the full-scale war and Russian Invasion in Ukraine as well as with increasing pressure on the cultural sector of Belarus. The mission aimed at the integration of a contemporary approach to performing arts within the Belarusian art scene has shifted into connecting artists (not only) from Belarus living in emigration with professional European artistic networks.

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