with works by Lesia Pcholka,
Nadya Sayapina,
Eugene Buldyk/Mufer
and Olga Bubich.

Festival Opening: Vernissage- Fri, December 8, 18:00 P1
Sat, December 9, from 17:00 P1
Sun, December 10, from 17:00 P1

The exhibition features a selection of works by Belarusian contemporary artists: Lesia Pcholka, Olga Bubich, and the duo of Nadya Sayapina and Eugene Buldyk/Mufer, all commissioned by platformB in recent years. Dealing with the themes of power dynamics, forced migration, and trauma, each piece articulates these concepts in its own unique way.

Lesia Pcholka‘s works are almost prototypical. In her work, she deals with mystical rituals in the context of political pressure emanating from authoritarian regimes. She addresses the deep trauma caused by the suppression of the Belarusian revolution in 2020 and traces the visual symbols that accompanied it. In doing so, she recites an ancient incantation whispered by healers to help cope with political exile and the impossibility of returning. 

Nadya Sayapina aims to give space to the voices of the marginalized. Her starting point is the personal stories of members of communities in the diaspora. Together with Eugene Buldyk, she will present five videos from the series «X letters.» The «art of (not) forgetting» connects the video-sound installations that can be experienced throughout the festival in the P1 of Musik der Jahrhunderte. 

Olga Bubich aims to «feel the potential of memory as a space that belongs only to us, a space that we can and must make our own in times of memory censorship».

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