3_a - Parus Major​

Sat, December 9, 22:40 P1​

Parus Major, an electroacoustic project, is Anton Anishchanka’s reinterpretation of Belarusian archival folk songs. Recorded during sound research expeditions and labs in 2021-2022, the project captures acoustic sounds and vibrations using hydrophones, geophones, electromagnetic wave microphones, and ambisonic technology in abandoned areas. In collaboration with Belarusian ethnography and folklore researchers in 2022, traditional songs depicting the hardships of life during the Soviet Union and World War II were selected. These songs, sung in local dialects by elderly women from authentic regions, reflect the enduring human struggles of that era, remaining relevant today. 

Anton Anishchanka, the electroacoustic music producer and field recordist, performs live with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and synthesizers. The project blends ambient explorations of Belarusian natural sounds and archival folk songs with analog synthesisers. It offers contemporary interpretations of Belarusian folk songs sung by grandmothers from remote regions, recounting their experiences before, during, and after World War II – periods marked by hunger, hard work, and love.

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