Marie David- Kneading Memory -
All the Things We Have/Lost

Sat, December 9, 18:00 P1

Marie Sina Celestine David, also known as @olle.nixxe, is an artist based in Stuttgart and Vienna. Her practice ranges from punk to entertainment moments. The most interesting aspect for her is working with unexpected mistakes that happen in life but make it even more valuable. Exaggerations and understatements can be found in all of her practices, making it funny but also radical. Never not perform!

Memories have an impact on my present. We knead in memories, and they stick inside our skin. What do we like to remember? What do we wish to be influenced by from our past, and what do we just want to forget forever? Can our memory play tricks on us? Are we just products led by the past? What is your handbag telling us about your past? 

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