Mount Vegan Rawchestra Monte Veggità 2²

Sun, December 10, 20:30 P1

In what was probably the first major «dropout project» in Europe, the effort was to «live truthfully,» which manifested itself through vegetarianism, living close to nature, and expressive dance. The show «Monte Veggità» creates a healthy atmosphere with the help of vegan products and their sounds. In search of pure, unprocessed sounds, performance and dance elements are used to recreate life on the «mountain of truth».

The Mount Vegan Rawchestra was formed in 2021 during a field trip to celebrate the anniversary of Republika Užupis. There, they performed «Lullaby for Punch Agathe,» a vegan lullaby, for an 18-meter tall puppet who had the honor of becoming the first puppet with citizenship in this self-declared republic. Shifting between V-ASMR and bio-funk, the band doesn’t limit itself to any particular musical style. After their first collaboration, they continued to merge elements of experimental music, puppetry, and sound art in other projects, such as «Monte Veggità» (performed as part of «Bucolica.exe» in Callies, Berlin), «Soil, Plant, Atmosphere, Thermometer» (during the festival «No One Belongs Here More Than You» at Saarländische Galerie, Berlin), and their latest work, «Berg-Fest» («Performing the Others» at Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart, 2023).

The Mount Vegan Rawchestra was founded by Martina Wegener, Frédéric Ehlers, Niklas Bardeli and Marius Alsleben.

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