Quanta Qualia is the artistic entanglement of Siet Phorae(y)maekers and Reverendo 23. Their futuristic dance rituals and compositions are generated by a feedback system between sound and movement; mimetic-somatic and sonoral gestures acting as sci-fi revealers and chargers of space, time, subjects and situation. Light and objects may turn into bodymind prosthetics and self-made garments complete an ever-morphing picture. 

As co-founders of Nonlocal Research label for adventurous music, Quanta Qualia release the music of like-minded xenophiles, curate total events (Nonlocal Waves, Club Cocoon) and have radio shows on LYL and Kiosk radio. Interested in art being lived and embodied they developed a preference for experimental crafts, anarchistic spirituality and perennial collaborations, all in construction of a neo-folkloric nonlocal tribe. 

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