The Goose is Red -
Elia Moretti, Jakub Švejnar and Matěj Sýkora

Sat, December 9, 20:30 P1

The Goose is Red is a live performance by an electroacoustic percussion ensemble with Elia Moretti, Jakub Švejnar and Matěj Sýkora. Fictional memories, submerged resonances and forgotten rituals: vibrations that synchronize.

When fireflies of a certain species come together in large gatherings, they begin to flash in synchrony. Prayer can connect the inner world with the outer through vibration.

Carefully amplified, the music produced by the three percussionists emanates from the inside of the instruments as well as from drum machines and Game Boy.

We invite the listener into a hall of mirrors where everything floats, reflects and splits, and yet dancing is forbidden.

A quotation of Karen Barad: “We” are not outside observers of the world. Nor are we simply located at particular places in the world; rather, we are part of the world in its ongoing intra-activity

Elia Moretti is a musician, composer and researcher whose work revolves around contemporary music theatre and its intricate relationship with the ecology of sound. With a background in percussion and social sciences, Elia’s research explores the nature of sound performance, delving into sensory experience and the cognitive. Beyond the stage, Elia is interested in how artistic practices engage with the social contexts they emerge from or respond to.


Jakub Švejnar is a Czech percussionist who primarily focuses on improvisation. His background encompasses Jazz, Metal, and Electronic music, but he also has a keen interest in various ethnic music traditions. Jakub is actively involved in bands such as Jungle Debris, Uthando, Švejnar/Pátrá, and Ranjevš & Óbasz.

Matěj Sýkora is a theatre and film scenographer known for his postmodern and imaginative approach. Sýkora collaborates on various projects in the Czech Republic, especially in the theatre independent scene (collective D’epog, Jan Kačena, Peter Gonda, Vojtěch Bárta, and Ewa Zembok). He is also active in Kraut rock And 8-bit projects -Tžcmnk + S.M.R.K and is part of occasional musical collectives. Since 2022, he has been a scenography lecturer at the Theater Faculty of JAMU. Besides that, Sýkora collects digital watches and room-sized holy statues.

Videoart: Martin Bitala. Martin is a theater technologist at heart and soul. He is Interested in light and video. Recycles materials from old WHS cartridges and revives their mystery. He lovingly collects CRT monitors and other devices capable of playing the analog signal of the past. And he tries to find his own way through the endless tape and cabels forest.

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