Tyler Kaan

December 8, 20:30 P1, live set​

Tyler Kaan has been searching for the ultimate interface for improvising with electronic sounds for decades. In the current version of the «Tyllotron», the countless parameters that shape the sounds are influenced using light sensors. Light and shadow determine pitch, rhythm, timbre, volume and position in space. The aim is to create a fragile, somewhat chaotic state that can be influenced but not completely controlled. The conditionally controlled coincidence is intended to surprise the player again and again. Small, mechanical auxiliary structures support the hands in shaping the shadows.


Tyler Kaan was born as Thilo Kuhn in the Swabian province in the 70s. The first bands were founded as soon as possible. Most of his attention over the last 30 years was focused on the band «Metabolismus». Tyler also played and plays with «Sinergia Elettronica», «Samara Lubelski», «Ina & ihre Musik», «Jon Shit», «Umwurf», «Spielwiesen Orkestra», «Bumms & Dings», many others and solo as “Tyler Kaan”.

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