Festivals Curators: Maria Komarova, Anna Bakinovskaia 

Exhibition Curator: Anna Bakinovskaia 

Production, Communication: Platform B, di.pole, z.s. 

Correction, Dramaturgy Advice: David Jarrin 

Visual identity: Sviatlana Silich 

Supported by LBBW Foundation, Czech-German Fund for the Future, Stadt Stuttgart, Program Intercultural Projects


Performensk 2023 — platformB

Liminarium is the fifth edition of Performensk — the international festival of performative arts which presents interdisciplinary works crossing boundaries between performance and sound art, experimental and contemporary music. The festival was originally created and based in Minsk (or Mensk as it was called at the time of its foundation), Belarus in 2018, has been acting in exile since 2022. Being in limbo and carrying the memory of the place that no longer exists, Performensk continues its mission of opening a temporary safe zone for collective expression, exploration and dialog in various formats of live art events.

Liminarium is a place that gathers shadows and traces of the elusive. A realm that fades into darkness and shines at the same time. While enduring indefinitely and occurring everywhere, this time, it concentrates its forces in December Stuttgart during the three days when individuals and communities, undergrounds and institutions are partaking at once. Musik der Jahrhunderte gets filled with vibrant tapestry of cadences and manoeuvres, expressions and the voices of local and international practitioners.

The program, carefully curated by two production platforms — di.pole and Platform B — features live performances and talks by 3_a; Olga Bubich; Marie David; Tyler Kaan; Branislava Kuburovic; Mount Vegan Rawchestra; trio of Elia Moretti, Jakub Švejnar, Matěj Sýkora; MSHR; mʊdʌki; Neue Vocalsolisten; Lesia Pcholka; PYL collective; Quanta Qualia; Marika Smreková; Siarhei Zwicky. An exhibition presenting video works by Lesia Pcholka and Nadya Sayapina will run throughout the entire festival period.

Performensk 2023 nominates liminality as the main state of mind, as here and now, and proclaims the fifth anniversary edition of the festival to become a moment of celebration of that statement. We propose to dance to the waiting line music and gather in forgotten spaces of which identities we can shape together using all the tools available to our hands.

During the festival we have a Pay what you want system. You decide how much you want to pay and you can pay before each event with cash or paypal.

Performensk 2023 artists: Quanta Qualia, Tyler Kaan, mʊdʌki, collective PYL, Marie David, MSHR, Elia Moretti, Jakub Švejnar, Matěj Sýkora, Siarhei Zwicky — M-Odyssey, 3_a — Parus Major, Bonzai Tarzan, Symposium Musicum — Elia Moretti and Marika Smreková, Branislava Kuburovic, Olga Bubich, Cathrine Bublatzky, Neue Vokalsolisten, Mount Vegan Rawchestra.


with works by Lesia Pcholka,
Nadya Sayapina,
Eugene Buldyk/Mufer
and Olga Bubich


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